Your Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorney

For nearly 40 years Attorney Loni DeLand has been defending Salt Lake City residents who are involved in criminal cases as a top notch defender of their rights. He has helped thousands of clients get the help they need when they are in desperate need of someone to stand up for them and believe in them when few others will.

Attorney Loni DeLand spares no effort in collecting all of the evidence to present a strong case, employing his best negotiating skills around the negotiation table and putting up his best fight if the case needs to go before the judge. Attorney Loni DeLand is highly sought after for his ability to defend Salt Lake City residents when they’re accused of criminal activity. He’s even the choice of former attorneys and their family members.

How Utah Criminal Defense Attorney Loni DeLand Can Help You

Attorney Loni DeLand is able to explain the court procedures and processes in easy to understand language which makes you feel comfortable and in the know about what is going on. He does it in a way that educates you, not puts you down because you don’t know the legal jargon used by attorneys and court officials.

Having a criminal defense charge can impact your life in many ways. Besides the obvious of losing out on work while you’re going through the court process, you may lose future education, scholarship and work opportunities because of a blemish on your record or a conviction. Attorney Loni DeLand does all that he can to get a reduced sentence, and has a great track record of securing lighter sentences for clients who have been in the wrong. This will go a long way in ensuring that you have the best possible future once you are past these legal challenges.

Work With Attorney Loni DeLand

Don’t waste any time in securing the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney when you or your loved one has been charged with a crime in Salt Lake City. Attorney DeLand is ready to step in and uphold your rights. He’ll offer both professional help and the compassion that’s necessary for working with people who are going through such devastating times. Contact his office today for an initial consultation to discuss the charges that you’re facing and create a plan of action as to how Attorney DeLand will represent you.